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Crunch Munch

Special to Try

Crunch Munch Waffles

Freshly Made Waffles, which are crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside and full of lavish toppings!

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Crunch Munch Milkshakes

Ultimate, ice-cool milkshake with so many flavours to keep your sweet tooth happy and satisfied.

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Crunch Munch Cakes

Indulge In the Sweetness of our ever-popular Cakes ranging from super moist Chocolate Cake to delicious Red Velvet cake.

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Crunch Munch Cookie Doughs
Cookie Doughs

The perfect edible Cookie Dough with a gooey, soft centre and lots of chocolate chips and moreish toppings.

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Crunch Munch Ice Creams
Ice Creams

The best artisanal Ice creams with inventive flavours and creamy textures made from locally sourced milk.

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Crunch Munch Smoothies

Handmade Joy-filled Smoothies with a blend of healthy fruits to get a smile on every sip!

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Sweetness Never Tasted This Good

Crunch Munch Quality


Our mouth-watering desserts are daily prepared to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. We only use locally sourced ingredients and authentic herbs and spices.

Crunch Munch Delivery


Our super-fast and secure delivery service is dedicated to getting your orders out to you on time. Just place your order and wait for the knock.

Crunch Munch Taste


All of our desserts are freshly made to order, which assures a very high quality of flavour. We collaborate closely with our chefs to design every item around our customers' satisfaction.

About Us

Crunch Munch

A great welcome to Crunch Munch’s online ordering website, which offers an exclusive 10% discount on all orders placed through our website or App. Kill your cravings simply by tapping “order now” and get it delivered right to your table!

Every mouthful of our sugary delights is an intensely pleasurable experience, so good that you can’t help but crave them again and again. View Crunch Munch’s online menu and savour our freshly made fluffy waffles, perfect Nutella Crepes, homemade Cakes and deluxe Ice Cream Rolls. Wash them down with our indulgent gourmet Shakes or healthy fruit Smoothies.

Currently, there are two Crunch Munch branches located in Stirling and Perth with continued plans for expansion. We hope to see you at the nearest branch soon.

Thanks for choosing us.

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